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The first meeting of the new season is on Tuesday 17th September 2019 and is entitled 'The Story of Hertfordshire Pudding Stone' by Mr Mike Howgate. Venue is the Sixty Plus room at Wyllyotts starting at 8pm. Members free, visitors £1.

In case you are wondering - "Hertfordshire puddingstone is a conglomerate sedimentary rock composed of rounded flint pebbles cemented together by a younger matrix of silica quartz. The distinctive rock is largely confined to the English county of Hertfordshire but small amounts occur throughout the London Basin. Despite a superficial similarity to concrete, it is an entirely natural silcrete. A fracture runs across both the pebbles and the sandy matrix as both have equal strength unlike concrete where the pebbles remain whole and a fracture occurs only in the matrix. Like other puddingstones, it derives its name from the manner in which the embedded flints resemble the plums in a Christmas pudding. It forms the local base of the Upnor Formation of the Lambeth Group".

Future talks include what is always a popular topic the railway. On Thursday 17th October, Norman Hill will speak on "New Railways. The Great Northern in the 19th and 20th centuries".